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Probe Market Research is a nationwide recruiting firm for qualitative and quantitive market research projects. We provide timely recruiting, mock juries and field coordination nationwide. Our focus is friendly, proactive, and client-centered. Our senior project managers will work with you hand-in-hand to provide the highest caliber of attention and clear-cut results. We are committed to the highest degree of integrity and professionalism for all of our projects.

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GET PAID TO TELL US WHAT YOU THINK Have you ever wanted to make money for telling people what you think? Well, here’s your chance. Your opinion could help shape what a new soda bottle will look like, change the texture of a new beauty product, or re-word a TV commercial before it airs. Your opinion is invaluable to companies testing out their products, advertisements, and services. They use your viewpoints, impressions, and reactions to assist in their understanding of the viability and marketing of their services and products. How it works is simple and you’ll never be asked to buy anything. Just fill out an online profile and when a project comes up that matches your interests, one of our recruiters will call you to participate in our focus group. If you choose to join the group, you’ll be given cash for your opinions.

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IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: It has come to our attention that third parties may be attempting to use the names and logos of Probe Market Research for financial "scams." For example, a "mystery shopping" assignment where the victim is provided a fake check and advised to deposit it, & then use the proceeds to test a service (for example, testing a Western Union wire transfer). The victim is advised that he or she may retain the balance from the cashed check as payment, however, the check later bounces. Other examples include recruiting for "business evaluation surveys" or "hiring" employees.

Please be aware that Probe Market Research has no involvement in these fraudulent transactions. Participating in our surveys is always free of charge, and we never ask our panelists to cash a check and then use the proceeds to test a service. Furthermore, all communications with us will always be with the official company email address -- be wary of any email that asks you to respond to a different address, or asks you to respond by clicking on a link within the email. (Please be aware that email sending addresses can be faked, and so it's possible for a fake email to appear to have come from this address.)

If you are targeted these scams, please report any information regarding them to local law enforcement agencies, as well as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) via the "" reporting system ( in the United States or the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre ( in Canada. Thank you.